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You're France! Most people think you're snobby, but it's… - Jaimeson [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Aug. 17th, 2003|02:58 pm]

You're France!

Most people think you're snobby, but it's really just that
you're better than everyone else.  At least you're more loyal to the real
language, the fine arts, and the fine wines than anyone else.  You aren't
worth beans in a fight, unless you're really short, but you're so good at other
things that it usually doesn't matter.  Some of your finest works were
intended to be short-term projects.

Take the Country Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid


From: rain2084
2003-08-17 05:46 pm (UTC)


Mind telling me the point of that? :P
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[User Picture]From: ezzie
2003-08-17 08:39 pm (UTC)

Re: hmmm...

It's just a survey, go ahead and take it yourself at: http://bluepyramid.org/ia/cquiz.htm
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From: rain2084
2003-08-18 01:47 pm (UTC)

Woo Woo! France!

Ah I see.
So have you finished IPR?
I've been thinking about going into Music-Tech in St.Paul. Heard anything about the place?

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[User Picture]From: ezragoober
2003-08-18 08:11 pm (UTC)

Re: Woo Woo! France!

You should write more often....really

hey!.. hope you're doing good!
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